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CII IQ National Safety Practices Competition: Excellence in Workplace Safety: 10 May 2017 -Bangalore
From: 21st Feb, 2017              To: 10th May, 2017
Excellence in Workplace Safety: 10 May 2017 -Bangalore-First Edition Safety is a vital part of organizational culture. When it comes to workplace culture, many elements contribute to creating and sustaining a strong culture of safety. While it is likely that some of these elements vary from organization to organization, creating and adopting a distinct foundations for high safety culture have impacted and realized the businesses in many ways leading to sustainable excellence. Organizations today adapt safety practices and internalize it as a culture where safety no longer a responsibility of the safety department, but it is a concern for all. Today, workplace safety is beyond compliance and is about creating a productive, efficient, happy and inspiring workplace and create proactive attitude to learn from indicators of unsafe conditions. The competition aims to bring safety practices internalized in the Organization leading to better safety performance and creating a Culture of Safety.